Who are the clients of Merry Memories?

Merry Memories Event Planning’s couples are laid back, fun loving and their wedding day as more than just a party. While the wedding day is incredibly important, their ultimate goal is marriage. As long as they walk down the aisle, it can be raining, flights can get canceled, and someone might get sick…. but that’s okay, two will still become one!

Our clients are trusting and decisive. They seek our expertise and know that I will not lead them astray. They understand that their guests will not know what 4 colors or fonts they considered for the invitations and with our guidance, are ready to make decisions. Some have long engagements, others have very short engagements but all hire professional vendors and generally like checking things off the list.

I often incorporate special elements for our clients that bring true meaning to the day. Those special elements may come in the form of using family heirlooms, showcasing personality in design or even just creating special moments for the guests.

Guest comfort is of ultimate importance to our couples. The day is not just about the bride, it is about all who come together to celebrate both the bride and the groom. Our couples recognize that the happiness of the guests only enhances their own happiness and therefore factor their needs into the planning process.

What are your office hours?

I prefer to meet with clients in the evenings and on weekends if possible. I have found that clients are usually unable to meet during normal business hours due to work or other commitments. Most virtual correspondence is done during normal business hours. I will not answer messages past 8 p.m. until the next day.

How many weddings do you manage per year?

I manage 10-20 weddings per year.

Do you set up or breakdown décor?

If you opt to hire an assistant, they will be happy to set up decorations. About 6-8 weeks before the big day I will ask if you will need help setting up décor. If you need this service you can ask me to hire an assistant who will do this for you.



What is the planning process like?

The planning process starts the moment I receive an inquiry. I am fast at work brainstorming ideas based on any information you give me. The more info you give me up front, the better! I want to develop ideas with you even on that first call. From there, once a signed contract and a 25% non-refundable deposit are received, I will hold the date and get to work! I will send a questionnaire that allows me to get to know each client very well. I ask that this is returned prior to our first consultation so I can be prepared with ideas for vendors, timeline, layout, etc. I provide tools and resources for the client experience in this meeting as well.

From there, the process depends on the service booked.

- Day of Coordination

I am available to the client to answer any questions along the way! Once hired as a day of coordinator, I will check in every so often to say hello and see how things are coming along but I encourage clients to keep me in the loop, ask questions and allow me to be a part of the process. About 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding, I will schedule a venue walk through with you and begin reconciling details with vendors and producing the final documents that will make your wedding day a success.

- Partial Planning

Partial planning is my most common package. Many couples start planning and realize it is all too much. This is when they look for a wedding planner. Our first consultation is usually 1-3 months into the engagement. At this point some of the major vendors are chosen but I assist with planning the remainder of the wedding.

- Complete Planning

For the complete planning package I will attend meetings with those vendors with you or on your behalf and assist in securing their services. I will keep track of all the details and guide you through the pieces you’ll need to work on. Things such as a gift registry and trying on a dress are things I can’t do for you. Otherwise I am tending to the details and alleviating the burden of logistics. And with all services, I conduct the rehearsal and oversee the wedding day. Then of course, I will follow up after every wedding to thank you for allowing me to serve you and to gain feedback on how I can better myself. I believe in always learning and growing and my clients are the best source of suggestions!

Will you get us a discount from certain vendors?

Our job is to connect you with vendors that fit your budget in the first place. To receive the best level of service from a vendor, they need to feel valued. Asking for a discount communicates that you do not think they are worth what they are asking, assuming you know what it costs for them to run their business. The result of receiving a discount is not the same quality of work that lead you to the vendor in the first place based on reviews, recommendations and so on. I also have vendor relationships to maintain and nurture, asking for discounts puts me in a negative position with them so those seeking discounts are not the right fit for Merry Memories Event Planning.

Do I have to hire your recommended vendors?

No, not at all. But I sure do prefer you to. These vendors are recommended because they deliver. My vendors nail it every time. I want to avoid the risk and construct a team of vendors that will work well together. Ones that communicate clearly and efficiently with me and with each other. My vendor list includes a variety of price points, styles and so on. There is something for everyone!

I am getting married in a church and they assign someone to assist with the rehearsal and ceremony. Will you still be there?

Absolutely! But typically, most churches prefer to handle the rehearsal and the ceremony. If you prefer, I can simply roll your 5 hour allotment for the rehearsal into 5 hours of consultation time.


What are the differences between a venue coordinator and Merry Memories Event Planning?

A venue coordinator’s primary concern is about the venue, as her job is to protect it. My job is to provide a stress-free wedding day for the couple I serve and their guests. This means my priority is the couple, followed by their guests, while the venue coordinator’s priority is the venue itself.