Why You Need a Wedding Designer

Good afternoon friends!

If you are reading this post, you are most likely engaged--congratulations! I am so excited for you and I'm glad you stopped by today. This post will be discussing what a wedding designer does and why it is worth the investment.

A wedding designer will come along the side engaged couple and not only plan and coordinate their wedding, but create an unforgettable experience for the couple, and for the wedding guests.

One of my favorite parts of designing weddings is tailoring the couple's wedding experience to please them, as well as their family and friends. I totally agree the wedding day is about the couple entering into the first day of marriage; however, couples should want to enjoy the time after their ceremony with loved ones. I thoroughly enjoy creating weddings that are a beautiful experience.

From the first day I am hired as the wedding designer, I begin the work. My work is not always appealing to others. For example, I love budgets. Some people despise them. I handle them on my couple's behalf.

We will talk a lot about what is important to the engaged couple; what they want to keep as tradition, and what newer trends they want to incorporate into their big day. I tailor each design to the couple and their wishes.

Now, let's discuss investment and why hiring a wedding designer is worth the cost:

Your time as an engaged couple is limited. Eventually, you will be married, and in the next season of your life together. I want to serve engaged couples in such a way that their wedding design + planning process is fun. i do the leg work in advance so that my couples can spend more time going to wedding showers, having engagement parties, and enjoy this season of life. The time I put into my wedding client's dream day is a lot. If they chose the DIY route, that would be a lot of time (and stress) put on them, individually, and on their relationship.

I hope this post better explains not only what I do, but why I do it.

Thanks for reading y'all! Have any comments or questions? Leave them below or email hello@merrymemoryplanning.com