Wedding Shoes: Style vs. Comfort

Shoes are necessary, and sometimes, beauty is pain. First you pick the dress, then you pick out shoes that complete your style. Although heels are typical, there are always other options. Can you picture that moment you stand staring down that aisle about to say your vows? With your dress perfectly hemmed and days of “breaking in” those heels. There are many options when choosing the perfect wedding shoes. Whether you purchase some off the shelf, or maybe you personally customize a pair, this day is all about you and your style. There is no shame in having a change in shoes by the time the reception starts. Grab those converse and wear them proudly on that dance floor. You can choose converse, flats, sandals, or Kate Spade Keds. The bonus is that you won’t have to worry about putting a band-aid on the back of your heel or over your toes by the end of the night! Do you prefer style over comfort? Or do you want both? Leave a comment below on what you chose for your wedding day! 

kate spade keds