Wedding Favors

If you search Pinterest for the phrase "cute wedding favors" you will come up with many, many results.

Some of the popular and personalized wedding favors for 2016 include:

Jars of honey, jam or sugar all would work here. 

"So SWEET of you to come"


I have seen people give bags of lavender seeds as potpourri but this idea of lavender soap (or any other scent) is really cute! You could customize with labels that include the wedding date, couples names, etc. 


These customized shot glasses are available on

Super cute favors your guests can actually use!


This is another sweet and earthy idea. Giving your guests a customized seed packet is a great way to give them something they could use long after your wedding day!


These customized koozies are sweet and great for an outdoor wedding reception where it might be a bit warmer!

Brynne GenoComment