Once a year, we gather around with family and friends to be reminded of what truly matters. We have so much to be grateful for. At my family's Thanksgiving dinners, we will go around the table and list one or two things we are thankful for.

This year, I thought I should share my list with all of you.

  1. My husband. I absolutely love my husband. He keeps me steady in tough times. He loves the best and worst parts of me. He desires to help me grow. I am so grateful for him.
  2. My pups. They are my babies and they love me unconditionally. I love them  because they bring so much joy to my life with their quirky personalities.
  3. My business. I absolutely love my couples (past + current). I love getting to serve them on the biggest day of their lives--becoming one. I love that I can do this every day.

Thank you to all my couples who make this dream a reality. I am grateful for you.