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Signature Drink: The Sazerac

Signature drinks are becoming more popular among couples. Essentially, a signature drink is a cocktail you two agree to serve at your reception. If you are having a New Orleans wedding, the Sazerac is a colorful cocktail option.

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New Orleans Wedding Inspiration

Oak Trees with Spanish Moss, and exposed brick, inspired this New Orleans wedding shoot. There were bright spring flowers on the cake and in the bouquet, that really popped against the natural beauty of Stella Plantation. This was a beautiful Spring day, and I think it shows.

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Why You Need a Wedding Designer
Wedding Shoes: Style vs. Comfort

Shoes are necessary, and sometimes, beauty is pain. First you pick the dress, then you pick out shoes that complete your style. Although heels are typical, there are always other options. Can you picture that moment you stand staring down that aisle about to say your vows?

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The Benefits of a Blank Canvas

Each couple I have worked with has a slightly different style. We all find different things appealing to the eye, and many couples want to create new traditions. So on the blog today we will be discussing the benefits of opting for a blank canvas ceremony and/or reception venue.

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    Wedding Planning Timeline