New Orleans Destination Wedding: 3 Reasons Why

second line new orleans wedding

Are you considering a destination wedding? If you haven't considered New Orleans yet, here are the top 3 reasons why you should!

  1. New Orleans is a FUN city. If you are looking to have a jam-packed enjoyable time for you + your guests, New Orleans is the place to go! Between the French Quarter, all the night life and other attractions, you and your guests will not want to leave.
  2. Having a second line after your wedding ceremony is a New Orleans tradition you'll want to partake in. A second line is essentially your personal marching band parade, which signifies the beginning of your life together.
  3. Your honeymoon will be easy to plan. You can honeymoon in New Orleans or travel elsewhere from the city. Whether you desire to board a cruise or fly out, both are possible in the New Orleans area, with a cruise dock and an international airport.

if you are having a New Orleans wedding, destination or not, tell me in the comments below what aspect of your wedding you are looking most forward to. I would love to hear from you!