Venue Coordinator vs. Month of Coordinator

If you are planning a Baton Rouge wedding or New Orleans wedding, you may have contracted a venue that provides a venue coordinator. Read more below about the difference is between a venue coordinator and a month of coordinator or wedding planner.

Month of Coordination

Many venues will provide venue coordinators that will assist with any venue related questions or needs. However, their number 1 priority is the venue and its preservation. Also, venues typically have high turnover rates. You may like who you book with, but they will not necessarily be there on your wedding day. Also, if you are having an off-site ceremony, they will not coordinate your ceremony.

Month of coordinators are hand picked by the couple getting married. Our number 1 priority is you, our client, and your wedding day. We will be there from start to finish on your big day. This includes pre-wedding set up, ceremony, and reception. We will be in touch with all contracted vendors on your behalf to make sure everything runs smoothly.

While we will gladly work in conjunction with a venue coordinator, it is extremely beneficial to your peace of mind to hire a month of coordinator. We will tie up any loose ends leading up to your big day, and we have you as our priority on the wedding day.

Are you hiring a month of coordinator for your wedding? Comment below why or why not!

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