Top 3 Ways to Include Wedding Guests

Many couples want to include their wedding guests in some capacity. After all, these are some of the most important people in each of your lives. They are giving of their money and time to attend your wedding. While I understand your wedding should reflect you and your fiancé, it should also include the people who raised you and helped you become who you are today.

  1. I would suggest to have the officiant start by expressing your gratitude to the guests. This could be simple, but a little gratitude goes a long way. Thank them for their time, their advice and help over the years, and for being there on your wedding day.
  2. Either you (the couple), or the officiant, can tell your love story and what brought you two together. Some of your guests may still be important figures in your life but are not aware of the entire story. Fill them in on the details. They will appreciate it and it will be engaging to the audience.
  3. Allow some guests to provide a verbal blessing over your marriage and your future. Many couples may provide a time for a silent prayer or blessing, but you can be creative with it! You can invite some special guests, such as family and close friends, to give a blessing over your marriage during the ceremony. I would give your family and friends advanced notice so they can be prepared.
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