Guest Comfort in the Summer Heat

Guest comfort is of ultimate importance to our couples...Our couples recognize that the happiness of the guests only enhances their own happiness and therefore factor their needs into the planning process.

Guest comfort should be a priority for a couple getting married. I know it is impossible to please everyone on your wedding day. However, if the guests are unhappy, will the couple be truly happy? Probably not.

This blog post is timely for Louisiana brides, because it is hot and humid here. No one wants to be sweating profusely, or caught in the rain, at an outdoor wedding in August in Louisiana.

My advice for brides attempting to get married in July or August is as follows:

1. Prepare for guests to drink a lot of water. Have bottled or a good amount of pitchers/containers that can be easily refilled.

2. Instead of regular programs, make your wedding program into fans for the ceremony.

3. Have a backup plan! Especially in Louisiana, it may be a torrential downpour on your wedding day and no one wants to be soaked in their wedding gown. Rain plans can include tents, but make sure to reserve the tent walls as well!

4. If you are having an outdoor ceremony or reception, please rent fans or portable A/C units for your guests. This will definitely help your guests enjoy your wedding!


In the end, guests will appreciate everything you do to keep them comfortable! I hope this post helped you. If you are having a summer wedding comment below which item you will use to keep guests cool!

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