Giving a Speech as Maid of Honor

You have been asked to be the maid or matron of honor for your best friend or sister. Being maid of honor is such a privilege, but every privilege comes with responsibilities. One of your responsibilities may be to give a speech, either at the rehearsal dinner or at the reception. Keep reading for some tips for writing and giving a memorable speech.

Maid of Honor giving speech at New Orleans Wedding
  1. I would suggest writing your speech out at least a few weeks in advance. Practice your main points. It does not have to be absolutely perfect, but you want to have an idea of what you plan to say, so you do not stumble over your words on your friend's big day.
  2. In order to write a meaningful speech, I would suggest thinking about things you love about your friend. Write those down and correlate those to her becoming a good wife. Is she a great listener? Does she cook well? Think outside the box!
  3. On the day you are to give your speech, I would try your best to not be nervous. Make a few note cards if you wish. However, just focus on speaking to your friend and her new spouse. Wish them well and let them know how much you care.
Maid of Honor Speech at New Orleans Wedding

Being maid or matron of honor is a sweet privilege. Your friend chose you, out of all her other friends, to stand beside her as she becomes one with her spouse. Enjoy the time you have with your friend, as she prepares to get married.


Have you ever given a speech at a wedding? I would love to know how it went and how you prepared. Leave a comment down below!