Flowers You Should Have at Your Wedding Based Upon Your Wedding Style

Did you read our last blog post? You definitely should; click here if you haven't. We wrote about 4 trending wedding styles. Today we will be discussing what flowers you should have in your bouquets, centerpieces and boutonnieres. Keep reading to find out which flowers best suit your wedding style!


Bohemian wedding flowers


At boho style weddings you often see vibrant colored flowers. To do something a bit different, you could add succulents to each table, with candles and other flowers.


rustic wedding flowers


Baby's breath is often used in rustic style weddings. It can be used in a bouquet as filler, or shaped into a flower crown or other hairpiece.


magnolia table runner wedding south louisiana

Classic Southern

This bride used magnolias on her tables in a unique way. The florist was able to use floral wire to make a runner out of magnolia leaves and magnolia blooms. 


vintage flowers baton rouge wedding planner

Vintage Weddings

Weddings with a vintage feel usually use muted colors in their bouquets. They also feature traditional flowers, such as pink and white roses.



Thank you for reading this blog post. Let me know which flowers you are going to include in your bouquet in the comment section below!