FAQ’s Answered About New Orleans Weddings

How much do New Orleans weddings cost?

It depends upon your spending priorities. My New Orleans couples spend $50,000 - $80,000 on their weddings. One of the main factors that will influence costs is your guest count. The more guests, the more you will spend on nearly every category (food, drinks, tables, linens, chairs, tabletop decor/flowers, etc.)

New Orleans Wedding Portraits

Do I need a wedding planner for a New Orleans wedding?

Yes! Wedding planning in any town is tricky enough, but New Orleans weddings can be much more complicated logistically. Planning a wedding requires expertise, and the majority of couples have never planned an event on this grand of a scale before.

I want to plan a destination wedding to New Orleans. Can you help me with the planning process?

Yes! I have a New Orleans destination wedding post coming out in a few weeks, so make sure you check back!

What New Orleans wedding vendors do you recommend?

I recommend vendors who either I have worked with personally or I know from trusted sources that they will do an excellent job. I only give specific recommendations to my clients. Just remember--you get what you pay for!