FAQ's Answered by a Wedding Planner: Stationery

Stationery is the first thing guests will receive to understand the feel of your wedding. Your stationery not only communicates important details regarding your wedding day, but the formality and style as well. Keep reading to find out how to communicate your wedding day through paper goods.


1. How do I communicate a formal wedding through my stationery?

Formal stationery has a unique look to it. It is often on white or cream colored paper, with black or gold accents. This classic look communicates a possibly “black-tie” or formal wedding. A formal invitation is also worded differently than a more casual invitation. Formal invitations usually begins with the names of the bride’s parents requesting “the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter...” There are many different etiquette rules regarding formal invitations. My suggestion would be to do one of the following: (1) hire a knowledgeable wedding planner, (2) discuss the wording with your stationery designer or (3) use other resources (online or books) to find out how you should word your invitations.

2. Our wedding will be semi-formal. Have any tips for me?

With semi-formal invitations there is more room for creative expression. While formal invitations are typically very classic, semi-formal invitations can vary greatly in aesthetic and style. If you desire a semi-formal wedding, my suggestion is to bring inspiration from all around you to your stationery designer (not just stationery examples). This will help the designer create an invite that suits you, your fiancé + your wedding.

3. We are having a casual wedding and we do not want people to over dress. How can we communicate attire in our invitations?

Casual invitations communicate that the wedding day will be relaxed. In order to communicate casual attire, I would suggest including the words "casual" or "relaxed" on your wedding invitation. And to make your wedding day more relaxed for your guests, have some tables and chairs set up (inside and outside if possible), a buffet line, and some lawn games; your guests will feel like they are in their own backyard.

4. What are some unique or fun ideas for wedding stationery?

One fun thing I have seen done is on the RSVP card the couple asks for the attendee's favorite song so it can be requested at the reception.

5. We have a wedding website. What is your take on digital RSVP's?

I may be relatively young, but I am old-school when it comes to paper goods. I love sending hand written thank you notes, for example. Thus, I do not like digital RSVP's. I think it takes the personal touch out of it, and is overall less fun for the attendee. I also think it does not help RSVP rates. One concern is that people will not send their RSVP's back. However, if people are too busy or forgetful, they probably will not remember to do it online either.


Thank you so much for reading the fourth FAQ article in our series of five. Next week we will discuss wedding entertainment. Man, have I got a lot to say about that. You will not want to miss out!