FAQ's Answered by a Wedding Planner: Flowers

Today I will answer 5 FAQ’s regarding wedding flowers. This will be the first post in a new series of FAQ’s answered by a wedding planner.

1.     How much should I spend on flowers?

Well...it depends. I know you want a straight answer, but spending money is all about priorities. If flowers are a high priority, you could spend 15% of your total budget on floral design. However, if you only want the basics, you may spend less than 10%. Weddings in south Louisiana cost between $28,000 and $38,000, depending upon a number of factors. The cost of your flowers is also dependent upon several factors. Specifically, flowers' cost will change depending upon the season and how complex of a design you are after.

2.     Can I preserve my bouquet?

Preserving a bouquet can be done in multiple ways. You may dry your bridal bouquet and save it that way. Another awesome way is to get professional photographs of your bouquet and other flowers from your wedding.

Catherine Guidry is a Louisiana wedding photographer that offers a very unique service. She will take home the flowers from your wedding and create art for your home with them! See below her beautiful work from a recent wedding.

3.     Which side is the back/front of the bouquet?

Great question! Unfortunately, many brides do not think to ask their florist this question. Please ask your florist when they deliver your bouquet which side is the front.

4.     How do I properly hold my bouquet?

Add this to your list to ask your florist! When brides are nervous they will often walk down the aisle with their bouquets too high, covering the details of the dress. Your bouquet should be held around the height of your belly button, with relaxed arms.

5.     Where do I pin the boutonniere?

Boutonniere's should never be pinned on a shirt. They always go on the jacket or the suspenders.

Pinning a boutonniere Louisiana wedding

Thank you for reading! What FAQ's do you want me to answer next? Comment below to let me know!