FAQ's Answered by a Wedding Planner: Entertainment

This is the last post in the FAQ's answered by a Baton Rouge wedding planner. Today we will be discussing wedding entertainment. For most couples, their main form of entertainment is music, whether a DJ or live band. In New Orleans weddings, there is often a second line (marching) band included between the ceremony and the reception. However, music is not the only form of entertainment weddings may feature. Keep reading to find interesting ways to entertain your guests!

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1. We have booked a band for our reception. What do we do for music when the band needs a break?

This is a great question. Obviously the band cannot play for 3 hours straight for your reception. In order to keep the party going, my suggestion would be to have a DJ in addition to a band. Sometimes the reception venue will be able to play music from a playlist through their in house sound system. However, not all venues offer this.

2. What are some unique entertainment ideas?

If you want to entertain your guests in a unique way, I have three suggestions listed below.

a. Hire a performer you would not expect at a wedding, such as an aerialist.

b. Have fun games for your guests (with prizes potentially). The DJ can coordinate these, but I have seen everything from lip sync battles to dance offs.

c. Have a silent disco. These receptions are super fun and make great photos!

3. What is a second line and why should we have one?

A second line is a New Orleans wedding tradition. A second line includes a band (think marching band meets New Orleans jazz), and they parade you and your guests to your reception venue. Using a second line band is an awesome way to celebrate your new marriage, and it is definitely unique to New Orleans.

4. Can we have friends or family included in our entertainment selections?

I say yes, with caution. If this friend or family member is going to be a guest at your wedding, you want to allow them to enjoy your wedding as a guest. Your friend or family member may want to sing or play an instrument for a few songs, and I would suggest they perform for a maximum 15 minutes, either at your ceremony or cocktail hour/reception. After the agreed upon time allotted, allow the hired entertainment to take over and your friend or family member to be a guest!

5. This is semi-related to entertainment...we want useful wedding favors. Any suggestions?

Wedding favors, unfortunately, are usually not taken by guests or thrown away after the event. Why? Simply because they do not need the item. My favorite favors I have seen are something the guests will want to keep. For example, at a recent wedding they had a photo booth that would print photos with the couples name and date. I have done several weddings with photo booths and they are ALWAYS a big hit with guests. Other options include something edible or something the guests can use at your wedding. Food or candy is always good, but maybe your reception will be more casual and you want people to dance. You can gift a pair of flip flops. Are you having an outdoor wedding with warm weather? Gift a fan. The options are endless!

Thank you all for reading through this post, in addition to my other FAQs. Should you have any other questions, please send me an email.