Choosing Your Wedding Colors: 3 Things to Consider

Happy New Year friends! For the month of January we will be discussing how to develop your wedding style on the blog. Choosing wedding colors is hard. Read below to find out which three things should impact your wedding color choices.


1. Season

First, the time of year should impact what colors you choose. If you choose to get married in the spring, you will most likely choose different wedding colors than if you choose to have a winter wedding. The colors you want to use in your wedding will depend on the season of the year, which effects the flowers that are in season. Some flowers are much more difficult to find out of season. The time of year should and will impact your wedding colors.

Fall Wedding Colors

2. Style

If you're anything like me, you have a two or three favorite colors, and you primarily buy clothes, shoes, and other accessories in those colors. Your personal style will most likely impact what colors you choose. Everybody likes different colors; some people like fuchsia, while others lean more towards a dusty rose. You and your future spouse should take into consideration what colors you like, your personal style and the style wedding you want.

Summer Wedding Colors

3. Vibe

The vibe of your wedding is how you want your guests to feel while at your wedding. Is your wedding a black-tie affair? You may opt for more traditional and classic colors, such as black, white and gold. Is your wedding ceremony in a garden? You may opt to use colors you see in nature, incorporating shades of green. Be conscious of how you want your guests to feel, dress and act at your wedding. The colors you choose should coordinate with your ideal wedding vibe.

Spring Wedding Colors

I hope this article helped you narrow down your color choices! What colors are you incorporating into your wedding? Let me know in the comments below!