The Benefits of a Blank Canvas

Each couple I have worked with has a slightly different style. We all find different things appealing to the eye, and many couples want to create new traditions. So on the blog today we will be discussing the benefits of opting for a blank canvas ceremony and/or reception venue.

Pinterest Wedding Inspiration
  1. You can make it all your own. This venue I found on Pinterest went from a plain white room to this gorgeous reception space. While the space is very naturally pretty, with the white walls, ceiling and large windows, they brought in each aspect of the reception. Therefore, it was completely unique to this couple.
  2. You have to follow the venue's rules, but you do not have to follow the venue norm. I was at a design meeting for something exciting coming up in April. The venue we are working with explained how she wished more people would break away from the norm of her venue set up. It is not required to do what everyone else does! Be creative + hire a professional to assist with this process.
  3. One trend I have been loving lately is to use unique vintage/antique furniture rentals. While the venue may supply some furniture, I always suggest bringing in a few unique pieces to change the space. This may be some lounge furniture or bench seating for your ceremony instead of chairs. Think outside the box!

I hope this post gave you some inspiration for your upcoming wedding! If you need further assistance with how to create a beautiful ceremony or reception site from a blank canvas, contact me! I would love to learn more about your wedding and how I can help make your dreams a reality.