Advice for Estate Sales From a Wedding Planner

I love attending estate sales on the weekend to find sweet, vintage or antique pieces. I actually went to two yesterday (Friday) morning. I got some cute tea cups that were in great condition, as well as some blue + white china. *insert heart-eye emoji*


You may be unsure why I would want to write about estate sales as a wedding planner. Well, if you desire to use vintage or antique pieces at your wedding, my first place to look would be an estate sale.

Estate sales are usually larger and have nicer pieces than a garage sale. They are held inside the home of a person who has passed away and the family is selling the majority of their belongings. They usually feature furniture, china, silver, home goods, rugs, and other miscellaneous home items. One of the sales I attended on Friday, the man was a former LSU football player, and he  had some cool LSU memorabilia.

So my first piece of advice is to get there early. If the sale starts at 9 am, get there around 8:30 am to be one of the first in line. If you can, bring cash or check. Purchasing with a credit or debit card is usually charged a fee. If you're not paying cash bring your ID! And finally. look online first and set a goal for the sale. If you want a piece of furniture to use for your wedding, it will probably go fast. If you want china or silver pieces I would get there early and purchase the pieces you really want. Also, for smaller pieces, if you can go back on the third or fourth day, usually on Sundays, there will typically be a sale on everything left of up to 50% off.

I hope you enjoy estate sale shopping as much as I do! Have fun out there.