A Reflection on the Past Year

A few weeks ago I posted ideas for your first wedding anniversary. This has been on the forefront on my mind recently. Matt and I just celebrated four years together (on December 13th) and our first wedding anniversary (on December 17th).

This is my short summary of the past year: marriage can be hard and marriage can be beautiful.

These are not definite statements for every marriage (although most couples would probably agree with me). However, for our first year, these two statements are accurate. Sometimes, I could not imagine my life any differently. Other times, the grass of other people's marriages looked so much greener.

However, one thing I have learned in those times where other people's marriages (or lives) looked better than mine is that we all publish the best of our lives. While I may see what they share on Facebook or Instagram, I am sure there are many harder moments they never share with those outside their close circles.

I love my husband and I would not change anything. I am so blessed to be his wife; to be able to do life with him day in and day out. Through thick and thin, we have each other. That is the most important thing I have learned through having a hard first year of marriage.

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