Rain or Shine: Creating a Wedding Day Backup Plan

“How essential is it to have a backup plan for an outdoor ceremony and/or reception in South Louisiana?”

It is a necessity!

In South Louisiana, we are at risk for many natural disasters (hurricanes and tornadoes) as well as days of rain and thunderstorms that may cause flooding. Another point to mention is the heat in the summer. While you may not realize it, guests can become ill from being outdoors for too long, especially if they are drinking. If you are planning to have an outdoor ceremony, reception or both, it is crucial you have a backup plan.

1.     Rain Plan

In South Louisiana, rain is a possibility in almost any month you may want to get married in. If you are opting for an outdoor ceremony, reserve a tent for your ceremony. Other options include securing a venue that has a gazebo you could use in case of rain. If your reception will also be outside you will need another tent for seating people. The catering and bar will also need to be covered. Make sure they will provide a tent. If not, reserve a tent specifically for the food and bar.

2.     Hurricane Plan

If you are getting married during hurricane season (June 1-November 30), you may want to opt for an indoor ceremony and reception. However, if you opt for an outdoor ceremony or reception, reserve a tent with walls for all outdoor activities. Hurricanes can only be detected about 10 days in advance, so if your wedding day falls in the window of a hurricane hitting land, make sure you have read your contracts carefully. Most wedding vendors have an Act of God clause. Know what it says will happen if you must reschedule your wedding date.

3.     Summer Heat Plan

You do not want a guest passing out at your wedding, so ensuring your guests are not getting overheated is important! Guest comfort in the summer in Louisiana can be hard to acquire, so provide plenty of cold water, handheld fans for the ceremony and even consider renting large fans for your reception site.