How To: Sparkler Exits

Sparkler exits can be difficult to do as a wedding exit. While you and your photographer should be coordinating this, I have some tips + tricks I have learned throughout the years.

1. Use Long Sparklers (36 inch sparklers)

The shorter ones will not last long enough to capture good photographs. The 36 inch sparklers have a burn time of 3 minutes + 45 seconds.

36 inch sparklers

2. Direct your guests to create a wide enough aisle for your exit. Also, remind guests to hold the sparklers UP and not OUT, or else they may touch you.

Amy Bennett sparkler exit

3. Do something creative in coordination with your photographer.

Sparkler Exit New Orleans, LA

Having sparklers is not the only way to exit a grand event. Do not fret if your venue does not allow sparklers. Ribbon sticks, lavendar, and bubbles all make beautiful exits to a memorable day!