5 Alternatives to Throwing RIce

Throwing Rice Louisiana Wedding

Throwing rice on a newlywed couple is symbolic of blessing them with fertility and a lifetime of happiness. However, many venues are not allowing guests to throw rice due to the safety hazards (guests can slip on rice) and the danger to animals (most birds and other small animals cannot digest rice). Below are five alternatives to throwing rice at your wedding!

1. Lavender

It smells good, it's natural and a nice addition to your color palette at a spring wedding.

Lavender Louisiana Wedding

2. Eucalyptus Leaves

These leaves also smell good and are natural for an outdoor or eco-friendly wedding.

leaf toss louisiana wedding

3. Flower Petals

Instead of only the flower girl throwing petals, invite your guests to shower you with small flowers or flower petals following your ceremony.

flower toss louisiana wedding

4. Glitter Confetti

If you're looking to add some sparkle to your wedding day, consider allowing your guests to toss glittery confetti at you post-ceremony.

glitter toss louisiana wedding

5. Bubbles

Have your guests shower you in bubbles as you exit! It makes for some pretty pictures.

bubble exit louisiana wedding